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Bitch Where My Cash?

by Mayor Chico

Released 2011
Candy Sto Productions
Released 2011
Candy Sto Productions
Mayor Chico is a long time staple in the Houston rap community, first debuting with New Mafia, one of the city's first original rap groups. From there Mayor Chico would upstart the infamous Acres Homes Players. Chico now joins Houston powerhouse Candy Sto
If you have followed Mayor Chico through the years you know that he is as blunt as they come. His in your face and tell it like it is demeanor is what generates his fan base. After releasing Ghetto Bastard to reasonable reviews Mayor Chico opts to not take his talents to South Beach but to Houston's fast rising Candy Sto' Productions home of Big Love who gave us the certified classic album Representin' Real (now being tagged as Houston's Reasonable Doubt). Mayor Chico gives us "Bitch Where My Cash?" to prepare us for his anticipated release RETURN OF DA BASTARD! So to the rap industry, street associates who owe him, and women in his life Mayor Chico has only one question...."Bitch Where My Cash?"

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About The Candy Sto Empire...

Candy Sto' Productions was formed in the year 2000. Houston independent artist Big Love would venture out from his 1997 Unlimited Records debut "Representin' Real"

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