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Reppin the Nawf side of the H, Big Love, looks opposite of that title. Upon first glance, I don’t think, I would want to cross him the wrong way. But hey even the toughest people have hearts. He has teamed up with some OG’s in the Htown rap game and came out with hits. Take a listen to Scarface ft. ESG and I Just Wanna Ft. Ronnie and Ronetta Spencer.


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Nach seinem 1997 gedroppten Debüt über Unlimited Records wurde es für lange Zeit ziemlich still um Big Love - bis der Houstoner kürzlich wieder auf der Bildfläche auftauchte. Don$P hat sich nach alten und neuen Projekten erkundigt...


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Big Love is one of the most lyrical and controversial figures in the music industry today. Big Love has independently been wowing listeners with his purely unadulterated style and street credibility. You see, Big Love has lived the life that most gangster rappers rhyme about but have never experienced.


The name Big Love is synonymous with prolificacy and consistency. Though his career spans well over 20 years, he’s always managed to bring a fresh sound to the streets. Love’s latest offering to the game is entitled “Check out my Ghetto.” The track which features the platinum selling artist Mike Jones and up and coming trail blazer Vic D is an ode to the hoods of their adolescent years. At one point Love can even be heard boasting, “..Learn the rules and regulations of the ghetto from a boss, without no hesitation send OGs straight to yo house.” AKA play if you want to…….! Take a listen and let us know what y’all think.

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About The Candy Sto Empire...

Candy Sto' Productions was formed in the year 2000. Houston independent artist Big Love would venture out from his 1997 Unlimited Records debut "Representin' Real"

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